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Video Gallery

This video shows my art studio

 I was commissioned to create this frog to represent the Chicago Bulls, the entire team signed it.

I was commissioned to teach these students how to make a mosaic sculpture. They did a great job! The sculpture sits outside the Dole library in Oak Park.

I was one of the artist excepted to show my work in the sculpture walk. The village bought my butterfly chair.

Me building a transformer bicycle sculpture. The helmet or hood, is not mine.

This video shows the steps I took to create this Manderin fish mural which is on the walls of the train station.

I was commissioned to restore this cow. The cow sits outside of the restaurant everyday, it had holes, cracks, and peeling paint.

I was commissioned to teach these students how to make a mural. The mural is at the Oak Park main library.

This video shows on of my first puppet shows.