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Paintings, Drawings, and Sculptures Paintings, Drawings, and Sculptures Trees 91051622 Full Moon 91051623 Anatomical study 91051624 The shack This piece questions weather we are free and if not is it our faught. 91051625 The Desent 91051627 The Net This piece deals with the entanglements that we women get ourselves into going thru life 91051628 Breast 91062732 Two women 91051629 The cycle This piece deals with the fact that there are countries dying for lack of food and clean water. A problem that can't seem to be solved but we can figure out how to send a man to the moon. 91062733 Back 91062834 Cowgirls 91062836 My sexuality 91062837 The Bible Says 91062838 All the leaves are not falling 91062839 Ghost of the past 91604019 Wire sculpture 142063288 Concrete face 142063289 The Four Seasons 153577775 winter 153578332 winter detail 153578333 Spring 153578334 spring detail 153578335 Summer 153578336 summer detail 153578337 Fall 153578338 Change In this piece the original women that posed for Aunt Jemima pancakes is posing in the studio for a commercial. She is considered the first black model. Her image was considered the first black model. That was the only way a black person was viewed. Today are role models are The first lady, we have changed. 188058617 Change detail 188058618 Change detail 188058619 Juke Joint This is a painting done from a photograph of migrant workers. 180040141 Tree 198225707 Tree 198225708 cock 199636820 cock 199636821 cock 199636822 cock 199636823